Is Esports can be a career in India

Esports which is also known as electronic sports is the perfect example of the merge of between technological progress and traditional entertainment from the last few years, esports makes its way to the Indian audiences. And it’s also doing good among the audiences. The peoples are taking interest in them and it also allows the Indian gaming community to play and compete in these tournaments. But the question arises that is it taken as the career in India.

What is eSports?

Esports define as the tournaments which play on the digital media it is an organised video game tournaments which held on a large scale on all over the globe. The competitor from all over the world can participate and face off against each other which is good for players as well as fans. But what makes esports special is huge attention which is given from fans to make esports very successful. Games like Fortnite, Call of duty and Counter-strike and in India PUBG mobile the famous esports gaming tournaments in which players are taking parts and facing off each other. In India streaming services like Youtube allows fans to supports there favourite players or teams by telecasting the tournament live.

Can we make money by playing esports?

Esports is one of the most fast-growing industries in the world. It is estimated that almost a billion of peoples across the globe watches video gaming tournaments and the number is increasing day by day. The esports especially targets the youth audiences around the world because of there content. The 32% of the audience who watches video gaming tournaments are between the age group of 16 to 24-year-olds which is the huge number. In the year 2017 League of Legends World Championship drew more than 80 million peoples. By this huge amount of viewers, many big brands are attracted toward the esports to give teams and players sponsors which help players as well as brands. In 2019 the esports estimated revenue is $906 million and is expected to reach $2,174.8 million by 2023 which is a huge amount. The Indian esports market is also growing very fast by the end of 2023 the Indian esports market generates revenue of INR 11,900 Cr. In esports the tournament price is also very high the tournaments can boost millions of dollars of money which is split between team players and teams. So yes in India esports can become a good career to pursue.

Things you need to know before entering in esports.

Majority of the people’s things esports is easy and simple as a career by knowing that you only have to play games. But it’s not that easy as it sounds. Like any other games, you need skills team works and most importantly consistency. You have to be very consistent in any game which u want to play and make to the tournaments. There are some points which u have to take in mind to become a good esports player.

1. You have a good lineup of players in your team

You can only win any games if you have the best lineup of players in your team. So before entering in esports, u have to make sure that you have a good team who can handle any situation. So you have to make a team who is understandable and have good coordination between them.

2. Skills are very important in esports

If u want to enter in any tournament or win any tournament u have to be skilled in that gaming which you are doing. Because skills are very important in big tournaments you have to understand every single move of your opponent to beat them. You have to be good in fast decision making because at last it only matters that what moves you choose and what decision u make.

3. You have to give time to that game

You can only master anything by practising it or giving time to it. If u want to be a professional gamer you have to give time to it. the more time you give that game the more perfect u will become in that game. By giving time to that game you make a muscle memory coordination which is very important in any esports gaming.

how we can join any esports tournaments?

If u want to join or play any esports tournament the first thing u need is to focus on only one game and master it. Then the other important thing which u can do is.

The E-sport arena, 3d scene rendering
Join a team

The team is very important to play any tournaments. With a team, you can practice and make your skills better. If you don’t have a team you have to find a team and tell them your playing styles and practise with them.

Join gaming leagues

If u have to play and test your skills and team coordinations join a gaming league. There are many gaming leagues and tournaments which is held in India like CS: GO, DOTA2, FIFA, PMIS.

Join online tournaments

Online tournaments help you to be a familiar face in the gaming community. It helps you to know other players and if u win then u also make some money.

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