Bored at home? top 5 multiplayer games for android to play with your friends

If you stuck at home and don’t know what to do. And you want to chill up with your friends than playing the game is the best way to cheer up your mood. And with the variety of multiplayer games which are present on the google play store, it’s not that hard. Multiplayer games are the best way to enjoy with your friend at this time. And usually, a multiplayer game is divided into two types. The first is the in which you can connect your phones with local wifi and Bluetooth and play. And second is completely online in which you can connect with your friends through online servers and then play with them. So today we are talking about some of the best multiplayer game which you can enjoy with your friends from home. And we are not taking games which are big so you can instantly download these games and play with your friends.

 1. Mini militia-Doodle army 2

The mini militia is one of the best shooting multiplayer games which are available today. Within its release, this game became very popular among youngster. This game has not very good graphics as compared to today’s games which are present in the play store. Despite that, this game has some big fan following. This game cartoonish style made it more special. you can play this game with your friend by connecting through wifi. And if you try this game at least once you don’t feel disappointed.

2. Clash of clans

If you don’t know what clash of clan is it is a strategy game. which is quite popular as compared to other strategy games. Clash of Clans is one of the starting multiplayer games which is released on android. And after the release of the game this game made 500M+ download on google play store. And made this game of the best online multiplayer game on android. In this game, you can make a community with your friends which is call Clan and then you can raid clans of other players for resources. At starting this game look like a game which made for small kids but after some time you realised you are playing a game which is not too easy and so good.

3. Asphalt 8

If you love games which involve cars and racing tracks then this game is made for you. Asphalt 8 is a high-quality car racing game with very high graphics. Asphalt 8 has some very good design machine which includes top cars and bikes. The asphalt game has more than 150 fast cars and 40+ tracks in which you can run your cars. And the most important thing about this game is you can play this racing game with your friends and test your limits.

4. Ludo King

You all are familiar with what ludo is. But the Gametion Technologies made this game as an app so everyone can play this game no matter that if you have ludo boards or not. This mobile game made more than 100M+ download on google play store which feels like an achievement for a game which already exists. Like normal ludo, you can play this game with your friends but the point which makes this game different from normal ludo game is. All of your friends play this game by sitting on there home. Now you don’t have to sit together to play this game. Which is quite good at a time like this.

5. Modern combat 5

Modern Combat 5 is a shooting FPS game which is made by Gameloft which made many famous android games. If you are a fan of a shooting game. In which you like the variety of weapons you can play Modern combat 5. This game surprises you with its impressive graphics and multiplayer modes. If you love to play in the squad you can create your squad in this game and fight squad vs squad in Modern combat 5. So if you love high action games you can download this game.

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