BGMI July update release date and patch note details

BGMI July update details
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It’s been 2 or more weeks since the BGMI officially released for android users. At the start, the game was available in the early access. But after some days all the android users get the stable update of the game.

But now it’s time for some changes in the BGMI game. And this time, these changes will be going to completely change the game

Because very soon krafton is going to push a first big update for the BGMI game. Yeah, you heard right, after almost 2 weeks Battleground mobile India is going to get its first update.

And this update is going to bring, a lot of new features and changes to the game. That going to completely change the playing experience of the game, and most probably you will get this BGMI July update in the next one or two days.

So let’s see some of the changes that you are going to see in the new BGMI update.

Changes that you see in BGMI July update –

BGMI new gun update
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  • New weapon MG3 added in BGMI – The old M249 LMG is now removed from the airdrops loot and added to the field drop, so now you can easily find the M249 while looting. And from now on, instead of M249 the new MG3 LMG is added to the airdrop. The new weapon uses the 7.62 ammo and fires up to 75 bullets in each reload. Also, you can use, up to 6x scope in the new MG3 weapon.
  • Throw healing consumable – Now this new feature can be proved very handy while playing with your teammates. This feature let you throw your consumable toward your friends. If you are in a distance. But you have to keep in mind that you have to throw them properly otherwise they can be bounce back.
  • Ranking Season changes – In the tier section the two new tiers have been added in between the ace tier and conqueror tier.
  • New challenge point system – The new challenge point system has been added to the ranking season. This system lets you earn the challenge point by completing the game without neglecting your teammates or other different methods.
  • New seasonal series rewards – Now these rewards are different from the season rewards. In these rewards, there are better items included. And you can achieve these rewards by pushing to a higher tier in that particular season.

New Mode in BGMI – Mission Ignition –

(Image Credit: Battleground Mobile India)
  • New Mission Ignition mode – The new Mission ignition mode will be added to the Erangel map. And this theme mode included the six high tech regions of Erangel. The new mode also brings a lot of changes to the map, like in the ignition mode all the cities names will appear in the 3D. And these names will be appearing while you were parachuting to the ground.
  • Automatic Jump in the pinned area – Now this one seems interesting because in the ignition mode you can pin an area while you are in-plane and select the auto jump option. And this will automatically drop you in that area.
  • New vehicles and train lines in the Ignition mode – High tech vehicles and train lines are also added in the new mode, like hyperline trains in the maps that will run on the specific routes on the map. Another vehicle that will be adding to the mode is the G-38 gravity-free motorcycle. This motorcycle will be hover above the ground and 2 people can sit on it. Another merit of the motorcycle is that it can run on both water and ground.
  • New ASM Abakan Gun in mission ignition mode – Another gun that will be added in the ignition mode is the latest ASM Abakan assault rifle that uses the 5.56mm ammo and fire 30 rounds in one reload. The gun also supports fully automatic firing mode, burst mode and semi-automatic mode.
  • New Riot shield – Another thing that you can use in the ignition mode is a riot shield that cannot be penetrated by any bullet. You can use this shield while engaging in combat while it can protect you from enemy bullets.

New setting changes in BGMI –

(Image Credit : Battleground Mobile India)
  • Set sensitivity level for each gun – In BGMI now you can set the sensitivity level for each gun individually. And save those sensitivity settings in the cloud.
  • Graphic changes in BGMI – This is for the low-end device users. From now on, in some low specification devices a graphic option lower than smooth is added. And for some high-end devices, the 90fps frame rate option is added.
  • Scope picking up issue – Now this change is very small but I am happy that BGMI focused on this issue. From the new update once you remove the scope from your bag then you will not be going to auto pick up that scope. And you can enable this option from the settings.
  • Set your favourite attachment in your weapons – From settings now on you can set your favourite attachment on your weapons. And once that attachment was picked up in battle, it will automatically replace the previous attachment from your weapon.

Other small changes in BGMI update –

(Image Credit : Battleground Mobile India)
  • Automatically weapon change – In battle if your current weapon runs out of ammunition while in use, then it will be automatically replaced by the next available weapon.
  • Different Ammunition colouring – From now on there will be different colours that will be a showcase for your remaining bullets. Like for example if your bullets will be 25% or below it turns yellow, and for 10% or below the colour will be turn red.
  • Glass Windows – Finally the glass windows are added in some buildings of Erangel and Miramar.
  • New royal pass update cycle – The update cycle for the royale pass is also being changed from 2 month to 1 month.
  • Clans can compete with each other – Clans that have similar activity points can now compete with each other.
  • Add Statue after a win – After a win now you can add a bronze statue on the battlefield.

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