Best movies to watch if you like Without Remorse


A month ago Amazon prime released the trailer of Jack Rayn’s Without Remorse. And what a trailer was that, a perfect trailer for a perfect action movie that doesn’t reveal anything. And after that, the prime video creates perfect hype for the movie, and why not if Michal B Jordan was doing an action movie. Then it was worth doing as much promotion as you want.

And when the film released on 30th April it was really a bing watch. If you haven’t watched the film yet or just watch a little bit. Don’t worry because I am not going to give a spoiler to you. Because the only way you like the movie is by watching not by reading or listening explainer.

The film was packed with action and a thriller with a perfect amount of suspense. And you can say that it is one of the best revenge movies you will ever see. And in case if you watch it and liked the movie then this is not a time to stop because some other revenge movies are like Without Remorse waiting for you.

That you can give a shot or at least try one of them and I am sure they will be worth of your time. So let’s see some of the movies that are binge watch if you like Without Remorse.

Movies to watch if you like Without Remorse –

For the list, we are taking 5 movies that are perfect to watch. If you stuck in a home or have time to watch some action films.

The Revenant –

If you are a fan of Leonardo DiCaprio then this will be the best movie for you. For this movie, Leo also won his first Oscar for the best actor. The film was an adaptation of a 2002 novel of the same name. The best thing about the film was its cast acting especially Leo acting in some scenes are very up to the mark. And the story of the revenge that Leo takes for his son death. So if you haven’t watched this film yet then give this movie a try for Leo.

John Wick –

John Wick franchise has released its three films till now. So it is a lot of watching. The film was very famous for its bold action scenes. Every part of the film has some very unique action scenes that you are going to like. But the one part that is very special for me is the first one. Because out of three movies the first part has a very strong story that backed its actions. And at the time of the first part, no one knows that what action-packed scenes they are going to witness.

Upgrade –

The upgrade is a 2018 film that most people are haven’t hear about. But this film is a surprise package and as the movie forwarded it picks up its pace and get better and better. The film has a good amount of action scene and high-intensity fight. But the best thing about the 2018 Upgrade is its suspense that makes it one of the best revenge films in Hollywood. So if you want to try a movie after reading this article then try this one first, and I pretty sure it won’t disappoint you.

Django Unchained –

Django Unchained is a western drama film that is directed by very famous director Quentin Tarantino. The film was released in 2012 with some famous cast like Jamie Foxx, Christoph Waltz and Leonardo DiCaprio. When the movie released it was highly praised by both the critics and audience. And collect the $425 million worldwide. The film also won many awards for the performance of the actors and the story of the movie. So if you are interested to see a well-directed movie this movie is for you.

Nobody –

Another movie from 2021 that just surprise everyone when it released. Nobody is an action thriller film that cast Bob Odenkirk. When the film release or before the trailer release literally nobody has an idea that the film comes up with that action scenes. And we are seeing bob doing a whole lot of action and fight. But he just plays the role perfectly. And as result, we get a film that is made for fans who love action in every scene of the film. So if you are a fan of John Wick then this movie is worth trying.

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