Battleground Mobile India new official logo and trailer


A day ago Krafton launch its official Youtube channel and website for the new Battleground Mobile India. And it was not fully new because it was basically PUBG. But with a new name and also now Krafton handling things and more. But the fans of the game known only one thing. That their favourite game is soon releasing back.

And the company has also known about it, that everyone is just waiting to see the new PUBG Mobile. And it is the reason why only after one day of the announcement. The Krafton released the official logo teaser for the Battleground Mobile India. To create more hype for the game.

And I think now we are going to see some more tease from the company for the next few weeks. Unless the game was ready for the pre-registration. And again we are not far from seeing the first glimpse of the Battleroyal Mobile India gameplay teaser too. So keep checking the official Youtube channel and website of Battleground Mobile India for the next few weeks. Because it is going to be some busy weeks.

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