At what time Marvel’s new series Loki will premier in India

LOKI release time in India

After the success of two grand shows, MCU has now ready for another release. And that is Loki, it will also be the third series in phase 4 of marvel. And for most of the viewers, it will also be the most anticipated series that is going to release. For which fans are very excited.

And it is because Tom Hiddleston’s Loki character is widely popular among MCU fans. Even though Loki a character started his journey in MCU as the villain. But as the year passes the character make more and more appearances in the films and fans really like the wittiness and the charm of the character. And that’s why the character got its own show in Marvel phase 4.

The story for Loki has been set from the Avengers Endgame when the character escapes the timeline with the help of tesseract. And that’s where marvel opens many possibilities for the God of Mischief.  Because in the previous film Avengers the Infinity war Loki has been killed by Thanos at the starting of the film. So the Loki we are going to see in the new series is the Loki that attacks New York. And still, have that evil persona in it.

But all of this is the little preview of the show. Now let’s talk about when and where to watch the show.

Loki release date and time in India

For all the Indian viewers and fans, episode 1 of Loki will be premier at the time of 12.30 PM IST on 9 June 2021 on the platform of Disney+Hotstar.

The show will also available in the language of Hindi, Tamil and Telugu on the Disney+Hotstart VIP. But if you want to see the series in the original language then you have to buy Disney+hotstar Premier at the cost of Rs 1499.

Also, the whole season comes up with 6 episodes that will premier one episode per week.

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