Apple 1st Gen Arm Based Macs Launched-Specification and Price

Apple November event

4th Time is like a charm for Apple. And that makes this year one of the busiest years for Apple. We saw Apple HomePod to iPhone 12 series launch. And some early year announcement that is completed in this Apple’s November event that will make it Apple last event of the year.

Everyone is excited about what the next new will be launch this time. Because only a few weeks ago companies launch its brand new iPhone in the market and it is quite a big launch for the company.  But like Apple’s old habit to surprise everyone this time they launch their new MacBook and Mac Mini.

And if you remember there June event then you remember Tim Cook announced there that Apple is now making their own chips for the Macbook. And The first new Arm-based Macbook will be launch this year in the end. So like they say, they bring new Macbook Air, Macbook Pro and Mac Mini for the users.

And let’s see how powerful and what features these Apple’s new 1st Gen Arm Based MacBook provides. Plus what Price you have to pay to buy these new MacBooks.

MacBook Air with Apple M1 Chip-

Apple MacBook Air

The new MacBook Air is now coming up with a Apples new Silicon chip M1. But how powerful the new Macbook Air is as compared to its predecessor. The new Macbook comes up with an Octocore Processor (8-Cores) that make it 3.5x faster than its previous generation. And an 8 Core GPU that make it perform 5X time faster Graphic performance. And a 16 Core Nural Engine that helps the new mac to handle the machine learning algorithm more effectively.

In the Storage section, the new MacBook Air comes up with a 16GB RAM and up to 2TB SSD Storage. And due to Apple new M1 storage controller and flash technology the company claims that there SSD is now 2X time faster.

And this time the new Macbook Air is coming with a no fan support. So now all we have to see is how it can handle the intense tasks without getting too heat up.

But the one thing that Apple is claiming more confidently. And that is also a very big bold claim is there MacBook Air battery life. Apple claiming that there new Mac Air will give up to 15 hours of web browsing and 18 hours of Video Playback. Other than this the company also did improvement in there Facetime HD camera so the video looks more natural. And a better noise reduction and a better white balance.

The Starting Price of new MacBook Air in India is from Rs.92,900. And the sale of the laptop is starting from 17th November

MacBook Pro with Apple M1 Chip-

Apple MacBook Pro

13-inch MacBook Pro is another laptop by Apple that come up with a power of Apple new M1 chip. The design of the MacBook Pro is the same as its previous version. But the inside of the new Mackbook is fully changed.

And in MacBook Pro Apple is asserting that the new laptop can deliver up to 2.8X time faster performance with the help of new M1 chip. And in the Graphics, it can perform up to 5X  faster with its 8-core GPU. With the Apple M1 chip Neural Engine, Machine learning is now up to 11X faster than its previous version of Maackbook Pro.

In the storage, the MacBook Pro comes in the 16GB RAM and up to 2TB SSD storage just like the MacBook Air. And like the Mackbook Air, the Facetime HD Camera is also improved with the help of new ISP in the Apple M1 chip.

In Battery section again Apple did an improvement in this MacBook too. And now the Apple is claiming that their new MacBook Pro runs up to 17 hours in web browsing and 20 hours of video playback.

The Starting Price of new MacBook Pro in India is from Rs.1,22,900. And the sale of the laptop is starting from 17th November

Apple New Mac Mini with M1 Chip-

Apple MacBook Mini

And the last product from the Apple in 2020 is there new Mac Mini with Apple’s new M1Chip. And so far from the Apple claims it look like that their new chip is quite powerful in the term of power and efficiency. That’s why Apple also claim some big thing in there new Mac Mini too.

The new Mac Mini is performed up to 3x faster CPU performance and a 6x faster graphic performance as compared to previous Mac Mini. And that’s not it the Neural engine in New M1 chip helps to perform the new Mac Mini up to 15x faster Machine learning performance than the last generation.

And in the matter of ports in Mac Mini, it got almost every port you need. The Mac mini has two Type-A port, two thunderbolt port, one ethernet and one HDMI 2.0 port. Plus you also got a 3.5mm headphone jack too. And the new Mac Mini now also supports the pro display XDR at a full 6k resolution.

The Starting Price of new Mac Mini in India is from Rs.62,900. And the sale of the laptop is starting from 17th November


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