Apex Legend APK – Download for Android | Latest version 2021


If you are a gamer then most probably you played many battle royale games like PUBG, Fortnite etc. That is both available on pc and for mobile. Fortnite is not that compatible on mobile but it is available for those who want to try it.

But there is also a third wheel of the battle royale games that most probably you have heard about. By some of the biggest streamers who play it in their stream. And that is Apex Legends if you play or follow games then you heard this name somewhere. But the thing about this game is that it was only available for PC or Xbox players.

But now the wait for mobile gamers is over. Because of the publisher of the game. Has now announced the Apex Legends Mobile that is specially designed for touchscreen devices. So now the wait is almost over. And you can play the game. The game is now in its starting phase that’s why it is in beta version. And if you live in India or the Philippines then you can try the first glimpse of the game.

Features of Apex Legends Mobile –

Apex is very famous for its characters. Because they are very attractive to look. And that’s what you also going to see in the Mobile version of the game. A wide variety of legendary characters with their unique personality.

The Apex Pc version is a multiplayer game. And that is also going to happen in the mobile version too. You can choose the character and team up with your friends.

Strategies are very important in Apex Leged. The more effective your strategy the more high chances that you are going to win the game with your friends

Apex Legends Mobile APK –

Game Name

Apex Legends Mobile





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