All time best app locker for android

App locker for android In this digital world privacy is the biggest concern for every smartphone user. Because our phone container many of our sensitive data which we use in our daily life. And which we don’t want anyone to access them.

Mostly all of the massages and social media account are running in our smart device. And suddenly someone in-home or some friends ask our phone to make some calls or to take a photo. So at that time, the App locks are very useful for us.

We can lock those apps that we don’t want others to use or see. Like massages app social media app and in today time banking apps which contain all our banking information.

So in this post, we are going to tell you about some of the App lockers for android devices. Which you can use if your phone doesn’t have any inbuilt app locker in it. So please check our list for it.

Best app locker to use on Android devices.

1. AppLock

All time best app locker for android

If you are finding an app lock in play store with a huge user base. Then this app is for you the AppLock has more than 100 million downloads in play store. Which is a huge number. The app provides you many features in it like hiding photos and videos lock switch likes WiFi, mobile networks, etc.

Key features in AppLock-

  • Hide Picture and Videos easily in AppLock.
  • Capture a photo of a person who tries to open your device.
  • Hide app lock icon so no one can find the app.
  • Prevent from uninstalling the app without the password

2. AppLock by Sailing Lab

All time best app locker for android

This is another app lock that you can use and also come up in less than 10MB in size. The app lock has some great inbuilt themes which you can in your pattern and pin. The app lock almost works in very apps and you can also apply it on your incoming calls also. So now let’s talk about its some key features.

Key features in AppLock by Sailing Lab

  • Contain Privacy lock which prevent from seeing others your album or gallery.
  • Works on almost every app
  • Lock data, WiFi, Bluetooth, etc.

3. Norton App Lock

Norton App Lock

Most of you are heard the name Norton. Because it also makes anti-viruses for computer devices. And this Applock comes from the same Norton Lab. The app comes with some great features like preventing accidental pocket dialing and recommends apps which you should lock. And in an aspect of privacy, it is a great app with great features.

Key Features of Norton App Lock-

  • App lock and allow the app to recomends you apps to lock.
  • Use Pin, Password, or Pattern in your lock screen.
  • Enabe Lock phots and videos option.
  • Also, come up with Parental controls.

4. AppLock-Fingerprint


Applock fingerprint is another app lock that comes up with different types of lock. And give its users a different variety of locks that they can use. It comes up with some interesting features like taking pictures of intruders and showing the fake error window if someone tries to unlock your apps.

Key Features of the Applock-Fingerprint-

  • Support Fingerprint lock.
  • The app also locked the notifications of the app. In which you have use app lock.
  • You can also add a different password for the different app.

5. Smart AppLock

Smart AppLock

Smart Applock is a lightweight and nice app lock for the android. And the plus point of the app is that it doesn’t contain any ads in it. The interface of the app is clean and simple and anyone can use it without facing any problem.

Key features of Smart AppLock-

  • Use custom lock screen style and background.
  • Simple and easy UI.
  • The app comes up with gallery Walt to protect the photos and videos.
  • Unlock the lock with a fingerprint.

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So these are some of our picks on the best app locker for android. Which you can use and if you have any questions related to it. Then drop a comment in the comment box so we can try to solve that problem.






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