5 Step Process: To Delete YouTube Channel Permanently

Delete YouTube channel

Sometimes your Youtube channel videos don’t go in a way that you want it to be. And then you need a fresh start but there are many other different reasons also to delete a youtube channel. And then you question about is it possible to delete a Youtube channel with videos, and what happened to those videos that I uploaded?

These are all the basic questions that arise when someone wants to delete their Youtube account. However it, not tuff to delete a channel permanently its a simple few step process that you can complete from your laptop and your phone. Whatever device you used for running Youtube.

So let’s start and see how you can do it. In just 5 steps without facing any problem.

How to delete Youtube channel Permanently-

Firstly you have to know that If you delete your channel then it automatically erase all your videos, Subscribers, The people you subscribe, Comments, messages, and all your search and watch history. However, your Google account will not be deleted and you can use it on other Google services.

Step1- In your desktop open the Youtube website in your primary browser. And click the account button that looks like a circle with your nametag or image if you uploaded one.

Youtube setting

Step2- As soon you click that account button a dropdown menu shows up. And in there click the setting option. Inside the setting, there is another option available Advance setting click that option too.

Youtube advance setting

Step3- In advance setting click the Delete Channel. And verify your account password.

Confirm the passsword

step4- After that, you are going to see two options “I want to hide my channel”, and Second “I want to permanently delete my content”. If you only want to hide your channel choose the first option and for delete permanently choose second.

Choose to delete the content

Step5- So if you decided that you want to delete your Youtube account permanently. Then tick the checkbox in the second option and click Delete my account. Last time enter your Gmail for verification. And that’s it, you complete the process.

Final confirmation for deleting youtube channel

How to Delete Youtube account from Phone-

The process of deleting the Youtube account is the same on the phone and desktop. But the one thing that you have to keep in mind while doing it from your phone is. Open your Youtube in chrome browser and the setting option of chrome check the desktop site box.

You can also use other browsers too. But in Youtube phone application you cant access the Advance setting. That’s why use browsers for this process always.

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