25 Best offline games for android

offline games for android

There is a time when offline games are played by every game lover in their android devices. The majority of these games are small in size even after that they are very engaging. But slowly online games taken the place of them and became the new trend among smartphone users. From the release of the game like PUBG, Fortnite they take the online games into a different level.

But that does not mean that offline games are not played anymore or not downloaded by users. Some games give quite tuff competition to online games and most importantly they don’t need the internet connection and wifi. All you have to do is download the games and play without any wifi or internet connection.

And that’s why we create a list of some most popular offline games that you can play in your android device. And don’t have to turn on your wifi or internet too.

25 Offline games for android

1.Subway Surfer

Subway surfer offline games for android

Subway surfer is an arcade game that you are going to like quite much. The game added different characters that you choose and play the game of running and chasing with them. The more time you spend on one gameplay the harder it gets to continue that run so stay focus while playing it. For playing the Subway Surfer you don’t need any internet connection. But the game allows you to do in-game purchasing so you can buy some characters and game items. The game is so popular that it has more than 1 Billion downloads in the Play store alone.

2. Temple Run

Temple Run is another Running Arcade game that you can download from the Play store. And its like a rival of Subway Surfer, because both games have the same style. But that doesn’t mean both are the same. Both of them have a unique game presentation and graphic that you are going to like while playing. So if you try Subway Surfer then try this epic game too.

3. Among us

Among us offline games for android

Among us is an action game that comes up with a very unique concept. At starting you find to difficult to understand the game but as you start the game and spend some time in it. You are getting to enjoy the game. The game has both online and offline modes. In offline you can connect the game with local wifi and play with a maximum of 10 players. If you always download new games then try Among us this time. And after playing the game for a while you are going to releasing that why haven’t you download this game before.

4. Ludo King


Playing ludo is always a mess you need a ludo board, dice, and almost 16 tokens. And that’s why we always lost something while playing it. But now you don’t need all these things to play ludo game all you need is your mobile device and in it Ludo King. It is a mobile ludo game that gives you a real fun of playing the game with friends. And once you played the game in it, it’s guaranteed that after that you are leaving your, ludo board game.

5. Hill Climb Racing

Hill climb racing offline games for android

Hill climb racing is one of the best small size racing game in which you have to run your vehicle through mountains huddles. It sounds like an easy task but it isn’t and when you start to play the game then you know how tuff and addictive the game is. There are 29 vehicles in the game that you used to race in the mountain, all you have to do is just save your vehicle from crashing. The game has two-part Hill climb racing and Hill Climb racing 2 so choose any one of them that you like.

6. Candy Crush Saga

Probably you all heard about the Candy Crush game. Because certainly, it is one of the best offline games that are available on the Play Store. The game has more than 1 Billion downloads on play store which is quite an achievement for a game. So what is so special in Candy Crush, basically it is a puzzle game in which you have to clear the candies and earn points so you can get into another level. The game has soo many levels and each level brings more difficulty than the previous one. So if you are a person who likes puzzle games then try Candy Crush Saga once.

7. Dr. Driving

Dr Driving offline games for android

Dr driving is a fun game and it is good for passing a time. All you have to do is drive a car that you have to park and sometimes in another mode do drifts the more tasks you do the more points you got. The game is old, and it is in the play store for a long time. But the quality of the game is didn’t comprised a little bit and you get new features in every update too.

8. Mini Militia

Mini Militia offline games for android

Mini Militia is an old Pubg. Not in the sense that they are the same, which they don’t, but in terms of enjoyment. The mini militia is a multiplayer action game in which you can add 6 of your friends via local wifi and then play against each other or in a team. Now the game also provides over 20 Maps that make the game experience and excitement more.

9. Shadow Fight 2

Shadow Fight 2 offline games for android

Shadow fight 2 is a nice arcade game that is available for offline playing. The game runs on a story mode and you have to fight inside that story with your enemies. The more fight you win, the more coins you get, and the story continue to move forward. The overall performance of the game is decent and the game is good if you are getting bored and have nothing to do.

10. Bubble Shooter

Bubble Shooter

Bubble shooter most of you heard the name of this game many times. These types of games are also made previously for small devices. But you can say that it is a little advanced version of those games. Now in this offline game, you got 3000 levels that you have to cross, great sound, and visual effects while popping the bubbles. And many other different achievements. So if you want to relive the old memories try this Bubble Shooter.

11. WWE Mayhem

WWE Mayhem

If you are a WWE fan then you have to give this game a try. It contains most of the WWE superstars that you can select to fight. You can also lead your superstar to win the most matches so they can get WWE titles. Players also got their special moves and signatures movies to defeat the opponent. Overall it is a great action arcade game. But you need a little more internet to download the game because it is big. However, all its graphics and effect are worth the size of a game.

12. Asphalt Nitro

Asphalt Nitro

Asphalt Nitro is a rich graphic racing game. And if you played car racing games then give this one a try. The game contains the collection of luxury cars. So you can race with your opponent in 8 different game modes. And police chase mode is also available to make the game more thrill.

13. WCC


WCC is a cricket game, that you can play offline in your android device. The game contains some nice graphics so the players get a rich experience while playing it. Commentary is also included while players are playing, and a different type of shots are also present so choose whatever shot you want to hit. The game has also 2 more parts WCC 2 and WCC 3 so choose any one of them that you like.

14. Bike Race Free

Bike race free

So there is one more racing game on the list, but this time it is a bike racing game that doesn’t require any internet connection. You can choose a player to start a game, and train with it so you can compete with your friends. The more you train the player the better it’s skills going to be. It has tons of racing tracks in which you can run different bikes and do cool stunts. So check the game if you are finding some bike racing games.

15. Smash hit

Smash hit

This Smash hit is going to tests your focus and timing on the game. It is a first-person game in which you have to break the glasses with balls, the more glasses you break the more point you get and these points are extra balls that you get in the form of points. If you waste all your given balls then you lose the game. So all you have to do is collect the maximum point as you can.

16. Ramboat 2

Ramboat 2

Ramboat is a shooting game in which you have to run and shoot all the enemies that come in your path. There are different weapons in a game that you can upgrade. The more mission you complete the more your military rank will increase. So if you like games in which you have to run shoot and jump then try the Ramboat 2 once.

17. Grand mountain adventure

Grand mountain advanture

It is a skiing and snowboarding game where you can enjoy the game in skies resorts and snowboard with a lot of adventure. for skiing, you got high cliffs, lots of hurdles that you have to take care of, and good graphics for a better experience. But if you have wanted to play the whole game with different mountain destinations then you have to do an in-game purchase for it.

18. Alto’s Odyssey

Alto's Odyssey

Another surfing game but this time it is sand surfing. All you have to do is ski through various cliffs and collect the majority of the coins in your way. The unique thing about the game is it’s colorful graphic and the best sound effect that you are going to hear in the background is amazing. So always try to wear headphones while playing the game it makes the game experience better.

19. Colour Switch

One of the best games that I recommend all of you to play is this one. And it’s guaranteed that after some games you hooked up with this game. In the game, you have to cross the color ball form all the obstacles, and it’s more about timing and your patience. So all I want you to do is, open your Play Store and download this offline game in your android devices.

20. Fruit Ninja

Fruite Ninja

Another most famous game that you find in the Play Store is Fruit Ninja.  The game has more than 100 Million plus downloads. However, the game runs on a basic logic in which you have to cut all the fruits that will show on your screen. But it’s not that easy that it sounds, in the middle of the fruit there are some bombs also and if you cut those bombs you failed. So the game required a lot of focus.

21. Plant vs Zombies Free

Plant vs Zombie

It is a very old game but the popularity of this game is hasn’t dropped a single bit. The concept of the game is very unique too you got some different plants who do a different type of defense. So you have to soil those plants to defend your house. It is a very fun game and tuff too. The game has 2 parts and both are available on the play store and both run without wifi and internet.

22. Death Trigger

Death Trigger

Death Trigger is an FPS zombie shooting game that comes up with some great graphics. The game has some great weapons too, so you can fight with zombies and in the time of need, you can also use melee weapons too. There are 13 characters inside the game but you have to first unlock them so you can use them in the battle against zombies.

23. The wolf among us

Wolf among us

This is the best story mode game that you ever has seen for Android devices. The graphics of the game is soo good and the story that is used in-game is also very interesting and cool. The game turns according to your choice so you always have to be focused. And all your actions impact the gameplay. The game is free in the Play store but if you have to play all the chapters of the game then you have to purchase them.

24. Into the Dead

Into the death

It is a second zombie game in a list that is also very popular in offline games, because of its stunning graphics and very nice sound effects. All you have to do in it is, kill the zombie and make your highest score. There are different weapons that you can use but for that, you have to unlock them first. And it is a progressing game so the new updates come with new features and modes.

25. Minecraft Trial

Minecraft free

Probably you all heard of a Minecraft. And the game supports almost every device no matter if it Android, Windows, or Xbox. It is a simulator game in which you can create your world and explore all the possibilities. This is a trial version so you only got limited time to play the game. And if you like the game then you can purchase its original version that is also available in Play Store.

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