10 best android apps to use

Apps are important in daily basis use and if you search there are millions of app which you will found. On both the Play Store and App Store. But the thing which is difficult to find is which app is best for our use. And which app is safe to use. If we talk about smartphone devices without apps they are useless. for taking action on a device you need an app that helps you to complete that action.

And if we talk about apps some apps are come pre-installed in your devices which complete the basic task like phonecall messaging app etc. But if you want to customize your device according to yourself you need different apps for it. Who do that task for you. But the thing is every day thousands of apps are launch in a market. In which some of them are average but some of them are good for us. And it is impossible for a user to track new apps that are useful and available in the play store.

So we created a list in which we selected some apps from play store which come from different category and free to use. Which you can use and these apps help you to make your mobile experience better. And will be useful for you in daily to daily usage.

10 Best free android apps

1. Activity bubbles-

If we talk about creativity it is the most creative app you ever have seen. And the good thing about the app is it is created by google so the app is very stable and less in size. The activity bubble helps you to know how much you use your device every day by dropping a bubble in your lock screen. It is basically wallpaper. But every time you unlock your device a bubble is a drop in your home screen. And the longer you use your device the bigger the bubble is. It is a good app if you want to track your usage without going to digital wellbeing.

2. Filter box-

The filter box is a notification manager app that manages all your notifications and saves them for you. You can access all your notifications which you remove from the notification panel and see when a notification has come. You can also restore your notifications and add rules for them for next time. The app also provides you with an analytic feature where you can track all the records of your notifications like the total number of the notification you receive. And which app sends you how many notifications a day etc.

3. Dolby On-

Dolby is a recording app that can record your voice, music podcasts, and videos with Dolby audio quality. It is different and better from many other recording apps that are available today for Android users. It is free to use an app that is developed by Dolby. If we use this app you see tons of useful features like clear up and improved audio quality, fade in/out effect, noise reduction. Boosting audio and video, Audio editor for editing your audio and you can also use an external mic for recording. If you create the podcast and record your voice for rehearsals this can be the best app for you.

4. Wavelet-

Wavelet is an auto-equalizer app which customizes the audio performance of your headphone and earphone. The wavelet comes with great features like auto eq which gives you the best sound quality you can get. Base booster option which adds an extra boost to the beats. It also removes unwanted resonance frequency. The app is great for your sound enhancement and improves the sound quality of your music in the playlist.

5. Google Go-

Google go is a light version of the google browser app. Which is optimized to save your 40% data. The app is good for slow internet connection devices. If we talk about the features of the app then the list is long. In the search bar of the google go you found the trending queries so most of the time you don’t have to type your quarry in it. The app also come up with the camera translation feature, Famous websites and apps are also available so you don’t search for them. In the short line, you can find everything in one browser translater to google lense all.

6. Cometin-

Cometin is a type of toolbox app. The apps provide you with one of the best mods for android. And all the mods are served from the google play store and scanned by the google play protected so you can say that it is safe. There are many modules that you can find in cometin like Ambient display, App locker, Darker brightness, Flip to shhh, and many more mods. You can try this app if you want to use something different.

7. Dark mode-

Dark mode app is the best app for those users whose device does not support the dark mode theme. The app activates the android dark mode. Which works on apps like Instagram, google photos, and many other different apps. And the app works on almost all the devices.

8. Vani: Personal voice assistant-

The app allows you to answer your phone call without touching the screen. All you have to do is give the voice command when your phone ring like “hello” to accept calls, “No” to decline calls and speakers to put the call on speaker. If you don’t like these words you can also customize your own words and set them to answer your calls. And the app also has its own caller id feature which protects you from spam and anonymous phone calls.

9. Gboard: Google keyboard-

The Gboard is the keyboard provided by Google which comes with a lot of Google features. The voice typing and google translater are in builds in the app and you can also write cursive and printed letters through it. There are also lots of emojis and GIFs are also available in it. And if you want to change the theme of the keyboard there are a lot of themes also available for that.

10. Zedge-

Zedge is an online ringtone and wallpaper downloading the app. But we can say that it is quite a popular app with more than 100M+ download. The app provides wallpapers, Video wallpapers, ringtones, and notification sounds which you can use free. The app has almost millions of wallpapers and ringtones in it which offers users more options to choose. And the good thing about the app is you can also download these wallpapers and ringtone from it without paying anything.

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